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Our puppies have been potty trained. Good with kids and other pets. We have a long history of healthy and well trained pedigree puppies. We operate national wide and have long history of awards to our breeding services. Our priority is a genuine home with love and care where all the puppies are well cared for and treated with love. If you're a pet lover you can buy a puppy from us.

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Selling puppies close to home


Puppies can be changed only with love. If you want to buy a well trained puppy you can contact this website and tell. They have made me the happiest person on earth. Thank you guys for my little bundle of joy

Selling puppies close to home

Malcom Monroe

Omg,this is the best Set of puppies I ever bought all my life. I have bought puppies from different places but these particular Beagle Puppies have melted my heart with Love. They made my children happy and I am grateful to have bought from you guys.

Selling puppies close to home

Marc Rosemery

Golden Retriever I bought from here changed my life completely. I will be making more order for my daughter’s birthday. They’re the best and professional.

Selling puppies close to home

Pat Cummins

I bought puppies from this website last week and it arrived safely to my home. I recommend their hard work and effective nature to other buyers who are interested in getting a puppy from them. They’re superb.

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Steve Banonne

I bought from this shop.my whole family happy about our puppies. recommended definitely you can buy here.

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Mary Theordore

The puppy I bought from this website was healthy and very obedient. He is now 10 months old and they changed my life completely. I call the puppy King because he is full of love.